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Noble Assembly of His Majesty the King of Sonka
Xth Assembly of Nobles
HousesHigher Noble Assembly
Lower Noble Assembly
Foundeda longass time ago
"We Serve Sonkhai Glory"
Meeting place
Noble Assembly.jpg
The Noble Assembly Building in Gubasi

The Noble Assembly of His Majesty the King of Sonka, commonly referred to as the Noble Assembly, is the supreme legislative body of Sonka. It is also responsible for electing the King of Sonka should the previous abdicate or die. Although traditionally it was one assembly, since independence in 1963, it has a bicameral legislature, with the Higher Noble Assembly and the Lower Noble Assembly, a system influenced by Vaniuan nations.


The Noble Assembly was first founded in X as an advisory body to the king, this system remained in place until X, when the tyrannical X took over. He abolished the Noble Assembly, and ruled the country with an iron fist until eventually being deposed and executed. The Noble Assembly then took charge of electing a new king, a power they hold to this day. Since then, the Noble Assembly has gained more and more power, granted mostly by the Emperors of Balakia, who sought to placate the Nobles of Sonka during their rule. During this period, any Sonkhai man or woman who owned land was allowed a seat on the Lower Noble Assembly, which created a significant bloc of Sonkhai nobles within the Maram Assembly. Since independence, the Noble Assembly has possessed close to complete legislative supremacy, though power frequently drifts between the Monarch and the Noble Assembly. Despite being initially founded as an advisory body of nobility, being of noble birth is no longer a requirement for appointment in the Noble Assembly.


The Noble Assembly is composed of the Higher and Lower Noble Assemblies, which are the Upper and Lower House respectively. While anyone can be elected to the Lower Noble Assembly, attaining membership in the Higher Noble Assembly is much more difficult. In order to be granted membership in the Higher Noble Assembly, one must be recommended by the Prime Minister and approved by the Monarch, before a final vote is called to within the Higher Noble Assembly to decide. All appointed to the Higher Noble Assembly will serve for life, and cannot retire unless mentally or physically incapacitated. The Higher Noble Assembly's membership consists mostly of old nobles from before Sonka's independence from Balakia The Lower Noble Assembly has members elected from each X of Sonka, and serve 4 year terms. There is no functional term limit for Lower Noble Assembly members, however, many step down after 3-4 terms. X



Role in electing the Monarch

Both houses participate in the election of the Monarch of Sonka in the event of death or abdication. The Lower Noble Assembly is responsible for voting on qualified candidates, while the Higher Noble Assembly casts the vote on who will be elected Monarch. The entire ruling family of Sonka is always qualified for election, including women. X