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Non-humans or nonhumans is a common catchall term for the sentient or sapient species of Sahar excluding Homo sapiens sapiens. It is not intended to include non-sentient animals, and as such, is limited to the Astalvi, Dalar Fals, Kavrinh, and Vodholk species.

Most countries of Sahar recognize at least some nonhumans as sentient persons. This is especially true of the dalar and vodholk species, who occupy the same genus as humans and are capable of interbreeding with them (some countries even recognize these two species as members of the human species).

There are around ten to twenty countries with a majority nonhuman population, some notable countries being Astalva, the Fals Empire, Fáknir Republic, Sanmra and Tuanmali. Lhavres and Pakunel are nearly 50% nonhuman. Other Countries with a nonhuman population of at least 10% are Achiyitqana, Dhwer, Goal, Kuthaltum, Nordjaelm, Tzulhon, and Pthalk.

The countries with the highest absolute nonhuman populations are Lhavres (108m Kavs, 24m Fals), the Fals Empire (80m Fals), the Fáknir Republic (60m Fals), Astalva (41m Astalvi), Tuanmali (33m Dalar), Goal (16.9m Astalvi, Fals, & Kavs), Yakormonyo (13m Kavs & Fals), Tzulhon (6m Astalvi) and Sanmra (5m Dalar). The highest population of vodholk is in Achiyitqana (700k).