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Hatiminnug̃, Hatiminnu, Haḫdiminnug̃, Haḫdiminnu
Era250 BCE - 800 CE; survived as a liturgical language until the 1400s CE
Language family
  • Ohanian
Early forms:
  • Archaic Ohanian
    • Ohanian
Writing systemOld Ohanian Script
CWS code

Ohanian; Hatiminnug̃, Hatiminnu, Haḫdiminnug̃, Haḫdiminnu IPA: [hatʰiminnuŋ, hatʰiminnu, haxtiminnuŋ, haxtiminnu] is an ancient Vaniuan language of Ohania historically spoken along and around the southern coast of the Melkanchuta Sea. The language originated in what is now southern Khezan and eastern Vosan in western Vaniua. It is the only language in the Ohanian branch, although as a pluricentric language divided into many dialects, it is perhaps more accurately described as a small family of closely related language varieties. The dominance of Ohanian culture under the Mamikian Empire saw the spread of the Ohanian language throughout central and western Vaniua in modern day Khezan, Vosan, and Komania.

During the 6th Century CE, cultural exchange between the Ohanians and Bodnians developed, including widespread language contact. The influence of Ohanian on Bodnian is evident from extensive lexical borrowing, primarily from the former into the latter, although some syntactic and morphological convergence is also evident.

Bodnian gradually replaced Ohanian as a spoken language around 800 CE (although the exact date is subject to debate) but Ohanian continued to be used as a liturgical, literary, and scientific language in Bodnian-speaking states such as x and x until the 14th Century when it was likely fully replaced by Bodnian and largely forgotten.





Classical Ohanian consonants
Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
first second
Nasals m ⟨m⟩ n ⟨n⟩ ɲ ⟨ñ⟩ ŋ ⟨g̃⟩
Plosives plain p ⟨b⟩ t ⟨d⟩ t͡ʃ~c ⟨ĵ⟩ t͡ɕ~c ⟨ǰ⟩ k ⟨g⟩
aspirated pʰ ⟨p⟩ tʰ ⟨t⟩ t͡ʃʰ~cʰ ⟨ĉ⟩ t͡ɕʰ~cʰ ⟨č⟩ kʰ ⟨k⟩
Fricatives central f ⟨f⟩ s~ç ⟨s⟩ ʃ ⟨š⟩ x ⟨ḫ⟩ h ⟨h⟩
lateral (ɬ ⟨s̠⟩)
Affricates central t͡s ⟨z⟩
lateral (t͡ɬ ⟨ḏ⟩)
Tap (ɾ ⟨ř⟩)
Liquids l ⟨l⟩ ʎ ⟨ḻ⟩ ɣ ⟨r⟩
Glides w ⟨w⟩ j ⟨y⟩


Morphology and syntax


Writing and literature