Oisif Iamoka

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Fashion Island
Also known asOisif Iamoka (Dezaking
Created byÈnla S.I. Kòb
StarringSee cast
Country of origin Rovenia
Original language(s)Dezaking
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes70
Location(s)Dezaking City
Running time26 minutes
Original releaseJuly 28, 2015 (2015-07-28) – Present (Present)

Oisif Iamoka (Fashion Island) is a drama-comedy revolving around Eńłaka "Ènla" T. O. Kòb, a character based on the creator of the show, Ènla S.I. Kòb.


Ènla Tokòb (full name: Eńłaka Tomant Oipac Kòb) moved from Cobena to Dezaking City for a human resources job at Zini Tipak, a fashion company headquartered in the city.


Season 1

The pilot, Ènla and Zini Meet (Xakoma, Ènla hu Zini), started when Ènla Tokòb moves to Dezaking City.

Season 2

Season 3


Ènla S.I. Kòb as Eńłaka "Ènla" Tomant Oipac Kòb, a Human Resources manager from Cobena.

Àlami M.Z. Kòdèk as Zinosent "Zini" Tinsakò Palsin Kòdèk, the president of Zini Tipak, a fashion company.

Lofi B.M. Mikò as Rivaš Nòlài Vizañ Midèt, Zini's cousin and an actor.

Ilèko B.R. Eoi as Lajana Soliš Soliš Eoi, Enla's roommate and a writer.

Xaiòmi N.I. Bèio as Łizi Tilèn, Zini's childhood bully born in a fictional foreign country, now his assistant.



Fashion Island was based on Ènla S.I. Kòb's career as a Human Resources manager before he became an actor as well as his interest in fashion.

Production history


Viewer ratings

Fashion Island is one of the highest-rated shows in Rovenia, and the highest-rated comedy.

Critical response

Fashion Island is described as a very funny show with great emotional scenes. The show's most popular character is Lajana S.S. Eoi.

Awards and nominations

Fashion Island has received multiple awards such as best actor (Ilèko B.R. Eoi as Lajana S.S. Eoi), best series.