Osheshdian Confederation

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Oʽlivđil liʽvšạn doʽŧa (Archaic Osheshdi)
X (Osheshdi)
20BCE–12XXCE GH fleg.png

Tamga of the House of Lasadava

A map of territories held by Osheshdian Confederation circa 1CE
Capital Not specified
Languages Archaic Osheshdi, Osheshdi
Government Elective Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
High Lord
 •  20BCE-X Savayna Lasadava
 •  Established 20BCE
 •  Disestablished 12XXCE
b. ...

The Osheshdian Confederation was a historical state located in Central Vaniu. It was founded by the Osheshdian nobleman Savayna Lasadava in 20BCE and quickly expanded to be a major power in the region, frequently coming into conflict with the Bodnians and the Ohanian Empire. In 12XX the weakened and diminished confederation was conquered by Ashar's Great Horde.


Rise under Savayna Lasadava


Last defense against the Great Horde


Language and literature