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The Osveraali languages are a group of roughly a dozen languages spoken on the continent of Atsiq as well as in small diaspora communities in eastern Miraria by approximately seventy million people, predominantly dalar. They encompass all official languages of Atsiq with the exception of Jáhkarrá and Amakane, the largest of them Modern Standard Osveraali, Thargian and Qatill. Osveraali influence abroad is most noticeable in the Hememitqan languages and to a lesser extent in Asuranesian. With the exception of Shyorian, they are written with their own Osveraali alphabet. The name derives from the Osveraali Empire, whose official language also belonged to the family.

The modern Osveraali languages are typologically diverse, but common features include a lack of grammatical gender, left-branching syntax, tense-based word order, sophisticated aspectual morphology, agglutinating to fusional grammatical marking, multiple valency-changing operations (causatives, applicatives) and large vowel inventories




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