Osveraali languages

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Linguistic classification:One of Sahar's primary language families
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The Osveraali languages (also known as the Lesser Atsiqan or West Atsiq languages) are a group of languages originating on the continent of Atsiq, spoken predominantly by dalar. They are the second most widely spoken language family in Atsiq, behind the Aitic languages; several pockets of speakers remain in the far north and the south west of continent, as well as in the Lyladnese archipelago, where until the modern period they were the dominant language family.

Speakers of Osveraali languages emigrated from Atsiq approximately a thousand years ago, leading to a large diaspora across the south of Miraria. Many Osveraali communities have developed a variety of mixed languages and cryptolects, mixing the grammatical structure of surrounding languages with Osveraali-derived vocabularies. There exists a complex relationship between these mixed ‘para-Osveraali’ languages, and the ‘pure Osveraali’ languages spoken by their respective communities.




The modern Osveraali languages are typologically diverse, but common features include a lack of grammatical gender, left-branching syntax, tense-based word order, sophisticated aspectual morphology, agglutinating to fusional grammatical marking, multiple valency-changing operations (causatives, applicatives) and large vowel inventories.

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