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Population??? million
Countries([[Congaval, Garohe, Sonka, eastern Ebo Nganagam|list of countries]])
LanguagesSee list
Time zones+4 to +6

Puzimm, also styled Püžimm, is one of the major geographical regions of Sahar. It is made of the massive northeastern peninsula of Baredina, adjacent to Ekuosia in the west and bordering the Parshita and Saru seas. The exact delineation between Puzimm and Ekuosia is unclear; its westernmost extent is often placed within Ebo Nganagam, or sometimes includes the whole country; to the south, it has sometimes extended to include Nevira, although that is now standardly considered part of Lower Ekuosia.

Puzimm has many other names locally and internationally, including Sarikon, [list more here]..