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{{Infobox ethnic group
{{Infobox ethnic group
| group =            Q'eb people
| group =            Q'eb people

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Q'eb people
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Confederation of Ebo Nganagam
Q'eb, Ebo Nganagam
Related ethnic groups
Mroksakh people, Kni Yam people

The Q'eb people is an ethnic group of the Confederation of Ebo Nganagam, most of them live in the State of Si Gapa and the State of the Cape Kingx.

The main religious belief of the Q'eb people is Iovism, most Q'eb people have been converted in Iovism since the 13th century under the influence of the Grand Ekuostian Empire. After the Q'eb empire had been annexed by the Meritocratic Republic of Myak Kham in 1832, the Q'eb people became a part of the Meritocratic Republic of Myak Kham, so during the Iovist genocide, the Iovism churches of the Q'eb people became secret organizations until 1995, however, despite the ban on Iovism during 1850 and 1995, most Q'eb people still followed Iovism to some extent during that time.

The Q'eb language is the main language of the Q'eb people, most Q'eb people speak the Q'eb language as their native tongue, although nowadays many Q'eb people living in the Confederation of Ebo Nganagam are bilingual in Ebo Nganagam.

Before 1832, the Q'eb people used to have an empire called the Q'eb empire, the territory of the Q'eb empire includes parts of the State of Si Gapa and the State of the Cape Kingx of the Confederation of Ebo Nganagam.

In 1832, the Q'eb empire was annexed by the Meritocratic Republic of Myak Kham, the history of the Q'eb people having an independent country ended, however, some Q'eb people still try to have an independent country, and the Government of the Q'eb Empire in Exile still has some support among the Q'eb people.

Q'eb peoples are not particularly similar to surrounding peoples genetically, previous studies have shown that they are genetically unrelated to neighbouring Daleic peoples(except for those with a multiracial ancestry) and are related to Adzamasiin people in Tabiqa instead, and recent genetic research shows that the Q'eb people were diverged from ancestors of Adzamic peoples in 4,000-5,000 BCE, not long after they had started to depart from the Puzimm peninsula of Northeastern Baredina.

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