Sahar Coordinated Time

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Sahar Coördinated Time, abbreviated as SCT, is the primary time standard by which Sahar regulates clocks and time. It is, within about 1 second, mean solar time at 0° longitude (prime meridian); it does not observe daylight saving time.

Time zones

Certain tomezones are omitted from the map below.

File:Sahar Timezones.png
Sahar timezones (certain timezones are omitted).

Main time zones

Šarkunen times

Šarkunen is split between three timezones (four if all countries of the Union of Šarkunen Nations are counted).

Timezone Abbreviation SCT offset Countries
Eastern Šarkunen Time
(Köre Time)
EŠT or EST (KT) +1 Laefevia, Mereland, Nithalosia (Seret only), Xynderland
(Helsonian Union)
Central Šarkunen Time CŠT or CST +0 Edievia, Laefevia, Lesidea, Nithalosia, Riyana
Western Šarkunen Time WŠT or WST -1 Boroso, Edievia (Slin only), Haraku, Laefevia, Lesidea, Mettat, Riyana, Thythiscaland, Rugia
Southern Šarkunen Time SŠT or SST -2 Haraku, Ohkoria

Boroso times

The majority of Boroso is split between three timezones, SCT -2 to SCT -4, with a few minor western islands in SCT -5 geographically.

Timezone Abbreviation SCT offset Countries
Eastern Boroso Time EBT -2 Tuanmali, Fals Empire (Homelands and eastern colonies)
Heoroman Time HRT -2:30 Heoroma
Central Boroso Time CBT -3 Central Republic, Dhwer, Mbamigi, Tuanmali, Fals Empire (Finnland, Termland and western colonies)
Yaharan Standard Time YST -3 Yaxarhayut, Upper Yahara
Western Boroso Time WBT -4 Ngutan

Nagu times

Nagu is split between three timezones.

Timezone Abbreviation SCT offset Countries
Eastern Nagu Time ENT -4
Central Nagu Time CNT -5 Gáweyn, Ithaurea
Western Nagu Time WNT -6 Tnaaq

Other times

Daylight saving time

Some countries observe daylight saving time.