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Sannism or Vaniuan Democracy is an ideology built on ideals akin to real world ideologies such as Bonapartism and Italian Fascism. The ideology differs from Unitarianism (Not to be confused by the Earth counterpart) by supporting ethnic boundaries by language and culture rather than blood or race. The ideology considers Kuulism to be a threat to culture and civilization with its anarchistic ideals.


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Despite being under Vos influence at the start of the 20th century, Sannism did not gain a strong following in Siyezan. Sannist political movements were banned in 1927, due to its supporters being perceived as "Vosophiles". This ban mostly targeted the label and it's pro-Vos connotations, the tenets themselves were not persecuted very often. This ban was retained during most of the republic, as part of a general ban against political opposition. Sannism was unbanned in 2001, after the parliamentary era began.

Rest of Sahar

Main Tenets

The ideology spawns from Vaniuan culture which puts emphasis on heavy leadership within the social order as well as from a reaction against the tenets of Kuulism and Balkism. What defines it is a strong emphasis of the state as the sole protector of a civilian's interests while maintaining a mostly pro-business stance on all matters economic.

It differs from Unity's ideals in that expansion to national borders is less emphasized and moreso preserving the state against foreign influences in politics. It is not necessarily a one-party state ideology but it allows for it to co-exist as a tenet. Shohuan's form of Sannism held a one-party stance on the federal level but not the local level.