Seal of the Imperial State

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Seal of the Imperial State
Imperial Seal.png
Adopted1815; 209 years ago (1815)
Order(s)Order of the Golden Crown

The Seal of the Imperial State or just National Seal, sometimes referred to as the Great Seal of the State is the emblem (mittara) used by the Government of Komania, all members of the parliament and the Prime Minister of Komania on official documents. With the Imperial State Crown and the Shaghsar, symbolizing Imperial rule (the crown) over state (the sword) as the ultimate symbol of Ashar authority over the Koman state.


The National Seal was first adopted as a personal seal of Great Horde emperor Ashar back in 1289, however, its design varied greatly and was often modified by heirs of the crown, therefore, it remained a private seal of the Ashar Imperial Family and was only kept to differentiate state documents with family affairs. With the Koman Warring period, the seal remained in use only by the rulers of the Ashar Mizarate who kept it in use parallel to the now defunct Seal of the Ashar Mizarate. By 1815, the Ashars ceded possession of the seal to the newly formed Imperial State government as part of emperor Tamshahsar's initiative.

It is now exclusively used by the Koman government and its members, in contrast with the Ashar Imperial Seal, exclusively used by members of the Ashar Imperial Family.



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