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|image_map_caption      = The empire at its height, c. 1815 CE.

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Empire of the Setyals

1729 CE–1844 CE
Capital Ǧuun
Languages Setyalnian, Nuhay, Vajusan languages
Religion Kuyanism
Government Elective Monarchy
Zotun (Emperor)
 •  1729 – 1751 X (first)
 •  1822 – 1844 Yazrïm Olboros (last)
Historical era Early Modern
 •  Proclaimed 4 February 1729 CE
 •  Partitioned between Kavrinia and Dhwer(?) 16 March 1844 CE

The Setyal Empire (Setyalnian X), also known as the Qeerlesian Empire, was a large empire in Upper Boroso that dominated the area around Lake Qeerles for 115 years. The empire was ruled over by the extremely influential Olboros dynasty, who exploited the traditional Qeerlic tanistry succession (an elective monarchy with the restriction that the candidates must be of the ruling dynasty).

The empire was cause for some of the first waves of nationalism on Sahar (maybe just Boroso?), as many of the traditionally divided Upper Borosoan and Thweric states united in opposition the Setyals. The empire was such a threat, that the longstanding enemies of Dhwer and Kavrinia agreed it should be dismantled—and they began several wars to seize its core territories starting in 1831. Ultimately the bulk of the Setyals' remaining core land was annexed by Kavrinia in 1844, which later drafted a constitution and reorganised itself as the modern nation of Lhavres.




The empire first arose from the unification of several smaller principality states as the Grand Alliance, this unification of several states into a confederation was the foundation for the system of elective monarchy that the Olboros utilized to later gain control of the empire. The unification came from the threat of expansion by the X state, located on the Yaa peninsula and subject to Dhwer. In 1729 the X state launched an incursion into the newly formed confederation, and were repulsed in several decisive victories lead by X. The disasterous loss caused Kavrinia to invade the X state and seize the entirety of the Yaa peninsula for themselves in 1730. X then was elected the first monarch of the newly titled Setyal Empire by the leaders from each of the original principalities.

System of elective monarchy

The Emperor was elected by the original X elector principalities that formed the Grand Alliance, and their respective leaders.

Administrative divisions

As the Setyal Empire conquered new lands, it was decided that they must be equally divided among each of the X principalities. During early conquests, this system worked wonderfully, and made administration easy and efficient. As further lands were conquered though, the principalities began to haphazardly seize lands to increase their influence in elections or for their own personal enrichment, leading to disconnect borders, and contrived administration and communication across the empire.

Foreign relations




Ethnic groups








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