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|dependencies        =  
|dependencies        =  
|languages          = [[Languages of Soltenna|List of languages]]
|languages          = [[Languages of Soltenna|List of languages]]
|time                = [[Sahar Coordinated Time|SCT]]-1 to SCT+3
|time                = [[Sahar Coordinated Time|SCT]]-2 to SCT+3
|internet            =  
|internet            =  
|cities              =  
|cities              =  

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LanguagesList of languages
Time zonesSCT-2 to SCT+3

Soltenna is a region that comprises the southwestern region of Miraria, including the peninsula. Soltenna is bordered by the Gulf of Sharkunen and the Dragon Sea to the south, the Sea of Alpa to the west, and the Gelog Sea to the north. Yerlan serves as the easternmost land border of Soltenna, despite its cultural differences which is distinct from much of Soltenna and more related to Vaniu. The southern island region of Akulanen is often considered a part of Soltenna due to its geographic proximity, despite its ethnic and cultural differences from the rest of the region.

Qonklaks, being part of Soltenna, was one of Sahar's cradles of civilization. Soltenna itself is characterized by its great levels of cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity. The region also received a significant amount of Ekuosian influence through the Letsatian and Terminian empires.





Soltenna is climatically diverse, with a subarctic north and humid subtropical mainland south. In Akulanen are hot deserts and tropical regions.