Sonka Ayam

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Sonka Ayam
King of Sonka
Imperial COA Zonkama.png
Sonka Ayam.JPG
King of Sonka
Reign8 November 2000 –
Coronation23 December 2000
PredecessorSonka Kama
Born (1953-06-06) June 6, 1953 (age 70)
Samadar,  Komania
IssueSonka Bhiidho
Full name
Sonkáá Ayam Línkoyáápim Kamáá
FatherSonka Kama

Sonka Ayam (Sonkhai: Sonkáá Ayám Sonkáá Ayám) is the current reigning King of Sonka. Ayam is a member of the House of Sonka and is of Balak descent. He currently lives in the Gubasi Palace in the capital of Gubasi.

Early life and education

Sonka Ayam was born 6 June 1953 to X and X, in the city of Samadar in Komania. He grew up learning both Koman and Sonkhai. Both his family and the Gushli House of Seğâren had close contact with eachother. X

Sonkhai independence and crown prince

When Sonka gained its independence in 1963, Ayam's father was invited to become the reigning monarch of Sonka by the newly reformed Noble Assembly. As Ayam was only 10 years old at the time, his father was to take up the role of King of Sonka while Ayam finished his schooling in Komania. Ayam finally arrived in Sonka at age X.


Ayam's father died on 8 November 2000. Meaning the Noble Assembly was to vote on the new king. There were some attempts to by his brother Sonka X to become king, but they ultimately failed, as Ayam had more experience in foreign relations and had already been in Sonka for some time. Ayam was voted as King Sonka Ayam and was coronated on 23 December 2000. (I'll add more stuff about his reign here later) Ayam is one of the most popular monarchs in Sonka's history, perceived as bringing newfound stability and development to the country. X

Titles, styles, arms