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Sufad 'ad Imarnat
Benadih, Tabiqa
DiedJune 16, 1956(1956-06-16) (aged 80)
Cause of deathDementia
Academic background
Alma materUniversity of Adunjad
Thesis year1902
Academic work
Sub disciplineHistorical linguistics
Notable worksGrammars of the Pre-Adzamic Languages, 1918

Sufad 'ad Imarnat (Adzamasi: /sʊˈfad ɂad ɪmaχˈnat/ was a prominent Tabiqan historical linguist in the early 20th century who is credited in part for early work on reconstructing the Kaffic language family, and for developing basic grammars for a number of long-extinct substrate languages spoken in Tabiqa and surrounding countries before the arrival of Ekuo-Lahiri speaking people to the area.

'ad Imarnat was influenced by the work of other Tabiqan linguists on the Proto Ekuo-Lahiri language, as well as archaeological finds and historical documents pointing to the existence of many pre-Adzamic peoples in Tabiqa. He worked to help give more time and consideration to non-Adzamic languages. Although his work was principally on the historic reconstruction of languages, it served to elevate the status of minority languages in Tabiqa by making them a legitimate focus of scientific inquiry. He also worked on comprehensive grammars for extant minority languages.