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{{Infobox Former Country
{{Infobox Former Country
| native_name = {{cs|TMN|hai ļain kwan šán}}
| native_name = {{cs|TMN|hai ļain kwan šán}}
Hai Lhain Kwan Shàn
''Hai Lhain Kwan Shàn''
| conventional_long_name = Supreme Commune of Qonklaks
| conventional_long_name = Supreme Commune of Qonklaks
| common_name = Qonklese Commune
| common_name = Qonklese Commune

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Supreme Commune of Qonklaks
hai ļain kwan šán

Hai Lhain Kwan Shàn

Flag Emblem
"'Ngù ngu an sai meiq dàw ngù ngu lyaiq'"

"From the able to the needy"

Rise, Qonklese Proletariats!
Capital Jikhein
Languages Qonklese
Government Unitary Kúúlist single-party state
Supreme Commune Leader
 •  1950-1996 Kwǫ Szǫwo
Legislature Central High Command
 •  Upper house National People's Assembly
 •  Lower house Supreme Council of the 24 Communes
 •  Commune formed 10 May 1950
 •  Constitution written 23rd March 1942
 •  Commune dissolved 13th September 2002
 •  1950 est. 76,210,100 
 •  2005 est. 80,128,340 
Today part of  Qonklaks

The Supreme Commune of Qonklaks, also known as the Supreme Helsonia of Qonklaks (Qonklese: Hai Lhain Kwan Shàn), abbreviated to SHQ (Qonklese: HLKS) or the Qonklese Commune, was a Kúúlist state in Soltenna. It existed in from 1950 to 2002. Unlike its ally, the Helsonian Union, the Qonklese Commune was a very centralised state, believing that the only way to create a Helsonian society in the future was to "protect its citizens from external imperialist actions".

The Commune had its roots in the creation of the Ngon-Koo in 1948, when the fascist Qonklese Republic was waging numerous invasions against other Soltennan states.



The Ngon-Koo

"Golden Era" (1950-1979)

Decentralization (1980-2002)



Ethnic groups





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