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Emporor Syl-Salanto in 1508
Native nameSėl Sālantō Ṡȯljarē Osverā
Born(1411-10-10)October 10, 1411
DiedDecember 29, 1520(1520-12-29) (aged 109)
NationalityOsveraali Empire

Syl-Salanto (Imperial Osveraali: Sėl Sālantō Ṡȯljarē Osverā [sɘl'sɑ:lɐnto: ʃɞʎɐ'ɾe: ɔsvɛ'ɾɑ:], Old Shyorian: Osfẹdâⱡ Sâləńťu [ɔsfœ'dɑt͡ɬ sɑləɳ'ʈu], 11 October 1411 - 29 November 1520) was King of Usuva, Qatilluu and Shyorisaech, Principal of the Aragre Courts and the eighth Osveraali Emperor from 1491 until 1520. Rising through the ranks of the Imperial administration during the reign of his predecessor Athanetan I, Syl-Salanto held the office of Chancellor of the Imperial Court for the last twenty years of Athanetan's reign and was named his successor, passing over the Emperor's firstborn daughter, Lashaite. During his comparatively short reign, Syl-Salanto proved to be a highly efficient administrator and preserver of Athanetan's inheritance, stabilising the territorial gains made during the last century. He successfully avoided the outbreak of civil war by renouncing his line's claim to the throne and taking the necessary steps to ensure Lashaite's eventual ascension after his death by ordering the exile and eventual assassination of his eldest daughter Catassi. Chiefly because of this, Syl-Salanto is remembered as one of the most capable as well as ruthless rulers of Medieval Atsiq.