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TV Corporation
Traded asNEX: 43
Sethnan 200 component
IndustryTrading company
Founded1850; 170 years ago (1850)
FounderReimel Trivito
HeadquartersDukrone, Xynderland
Area served
ProductsChemicals, energy, infrastructure, machinery, minerals & metals, real estate, steel, vehicles
ServicesFinance, life insurance, mining, shipbuilding
Number of employees
71,370 (2017)
SubsidiariesMitztvi Motors
Reimel Development Company
Sharkunen Steel
TV Defense Systems
TV Financial Group
Tri-Shan Insurance Group
TV Heavy
TV Chem
TV Media Group

TV Corporation is a Xynden-Lugid multinational trading company based in Dukrone, as well as one of the world's largest business groups. One of the Big Three companies, TV Corporation wholly owns TV Heavy, TV Financial Group, Tri-Shan Insurance Group, Reimel Development Company, Mitztvi Motors, TVDS, Sharkunen Steel, and TV Media Group, and also owns significant shares of Ayaseth, Temud-Shion, Triamethe Midan, and Nasha Entertainment. Much of the company's revenue originate from their financial and industrial operations.

Incorporated in 1850 during the onset of the Soltennan Industrial Revolution, the company originated from a mining and smelting company named Trivito Industries. Founded by Reimel Trivito, it traces its origins to the Forian Kingdom-era dynasty, the House of Trivito, which consists of members of the Trivito family, most of whom were traditionally carpenters and merchants.

TV Corporation has a powerful influence on the Four Swords countries' economic development, politics, media, and culture and has been a major driving force behind Soltenna's industrialization in the 19th century and the Lugid post-war economic miracle.



During the Forian Kingdom's reign in the 16th-18th century, the House of Trivito operated a trading company in Nataliya. It served trade routes throughout the Gulf of Sharkunen, and traded spices, precious metals, and services. With the Kingdom's fall in 1730, and as the growing Olboros Terminia took over their share of trade routes, revenue for the trading company declined and they eventually ceased operations in 1756. Revenue for the House stagnated, and at times declined, forcing the family to diversify their business to maintain its prominence within the former Kingdom's four circuits.

Most of their mining operations however remained intact. Later in 1834, during the onset of the Soltennan Industrial Revolution, the Trivito family incorporated their mining and smelting business into Trivito Industries, naming Reimel Trivito as founder and manager of the company. Using the profits garnered from the new company, Reimel eventually expanded his operations by forming a trading house after purchasing (company) in 1839. By 1845 Reimel's companies have already exported copper and provided financial services.


Reimel's business ventures were incorporated in 1850 into the modern-day holding and trading company TV Corporation, through which he expanded its operations into Lugida, Kadya, and (Zaizung). TV Corporation's portfolio at the time included copper mining, iron and steel processing, shipbuilding, financial services, and shipping lines.

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