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Tancinoa Śan
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Tancinoa Śan is the current reigning emperor of Calutia, as well as the 8th emperor to have reigned in the Śan dynasty, reigning since August 12 when his father, Gkojula Śan stepped down.

Early Life

Born on April 5th, 1964 in the Hensyjan town of Tśańarjin to his mother Sriaźi Śan Coriia, a yak breeder, and his father Gkojula Śan, a prince at the time, he was the second oldest of his two brothers and sister. He lived a risky early life, having been the daredevilish kind and following his older brother's footsteps. One of his friends said even, "You could bet Tancinoa to do something for some Weikk, he'd do it, save an injury or two, and he wouldn't even go to collect the Weikk that was bet on it." His daredevil life, however, ended abruptly as soon as his older brother died after falling and breaking his skull while riding a bike down a hill when Tancinoa was 15 and his brother Gkojula Śan II was 17. He then changed his ways and "stopped being so risky," as his aforementioned friend said in a report. School life was not much better than his trauma that he would get at age 15, getting bad grades in school and such, which became even worse when his brother died from his accident. The pain did not end there, when, while at school at 17, he heard his beloved mother had passed away from cancer-induced heart failure. Thus because of that, he did not enroll in a university until the age of 20, when he should have at 18. At the age of 20, he enrolled in the Śalkarjin Teaching Institution, hoping to become a teacher for the school of his childhood in Tśańarjin, which was an unpopular decision among the royal family.

Marriage and Divorce

After having been teaching for a year since leaving university, he had been put in an arranged marriage with a Hensyjan noble's daughter, Nomjeiri Lanadtaa, who was 25 at the time, the same age Tancinoa was, on March 15th, 1990. They had lived a happy 5 years as a married couple, bearing two children, Cerioa Śan and Faejaari Tci Śan. That is, until Tancinoa discovered Nomjeiri was having a third child that he had not known about. But as it had turned out, on Cerioa's 4th birthday, Nomjeiri had snuck out and had sexual intercourse with Tancinoa's younger brother, Egkuroja Śan, and were expecting a baby, though later evidence revealed she had gone out to have sexual intercourse with his brother before. And after knowing about the cheating, Tancinoa promptly divorced his wife, who subsequently died bearing Egkuroja's child.

After living alone for almost a year, his family set him up in another arranged marriage with another nobleman's daughter, this time it was Lanhei Godtedeia, who was a few years younger, at 28, on January 29th, 1997. Though, they didn't actually like each other much, because as Lanhei reported, "[Tancinoa] would always leave for his parades without me. There was no involvement between us. He was the emperor's son!" Though during this time of unhappiness, they had gotten a son and a daughter, Tonádtje Śan (b. 6/19/1997), Lanhei Śan (b. 4/2/1999), and Kantaźa Śan (b. 10/9/2002). It is said though, now, Tancinoa and Lanhei get along better.

Modern Day