Terminian Empire

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Terminian Empire
Empire of the Terms
Hosha's Most Orderly Terminian Empire

ca. 413-1558 (total)
1216-1558 (second empire)

Coat of arms

Dominium of the Four Seas
(after 1216)
The Terminian Empire at its greatest extent ca. 1400
Capital Kúri (de facto)
Government Absolute monarchy
 •  ca. 413-427 Telr I (first)
 •  1524-1558 Telr XV (last)
Legislature Congregation of the Wise
 •  Upper house Council of Viziers
 •  Lower house Chamber of Trivialities
 •  Founding of the First Empire January 413
 •  Founding of the Second Empire 3rd July 1216
 •  Collapse March-June 1558
 •  1400 4,000,000 km² (1,544,409 sq mi)
 •  1558 500,000 km² (193,051 sq mi)
 •  1400 est. 80,000,000 
     Density 20 /km²  (51.8 /sq mi)
Currency (various)

The Terminian Empire denotes a period of Terminian history from 413 to 1558 AD. It emerged from the fragmentation of the Letsatian Empire during the 5th century and rose to become the foremost power on Sahar in just under a millennium. Its geographical extent culminated in the early half of the 15th century, after which it lost the majority of its holdings outside of the Terminian Isles and eventually fractured into innumerous duchies and princedoms in 1558.

The period is generally split into two distinct eras: the First Empire from 413 to 1216 AD, and the Second Empire from 1216 onward. The First Empire is characterised by vast Terminian trade networks, as well as naval and maritime dominance in the Four Seas. The Second Empire is the by far the more powerful - and infamous - period. Following the ascension of the Glorpi dynasty to the Terminian throne in 1216, Terminia began an expansionist policy which resulted in large swathes of Ekuosia, as well as significant outposts in Boroso, along the Parshita Sea and elsewhere coming under Terminian control.

However, Terminia was unable to successfully exert control over its vast territory and soon the overwhelmingly Iovist Ekuosians, chafing under Pashaist rule, revolted and destroyed much of the military and economic power of the Terminian Emperor. Over the course of over century, and after several tumultuous wars for the Terminian throne, the authority of the Emperor collapsed altogether in 1558.


First Empire

Second Empire

Culture and religion

Medicine and science