The Charter

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Flag of the Charter
Largest cities Alotol City
Official languages Aquihian, Kailsadhei, Chanlosol, Methinakhian, Etrinakhian, Theriketic, Hux Kham, Herdwatean & Nmasinhec
Demonym Toletian
Type Political and economic union
 -  Secretary of the States Jong Manche
 -  Treaty of the Namh River 1801 
Currency Soltenna Blossom (SBL)
Date format yyyy/mm/dd
Internet TLD .cu

The Charter, officially the Royal Charter for Economic & Cultural Cooperation in Northern Soltenna, is a regional organization located in Northern Soltenna.


The Founding

On February 8th, 1801, after months of talks, the Alotol Federation and the Kingdom of Methinaqh officially signed and endorsed the Royal Charter for Economic & Cultural Cooperation in the Two Noble Kingdoms. The main aim was to cement Alotol-Methic trade relations and protect monarchies in Soltenna, a minority that was quickly being killed off. The two nations shared a border at that time and decided to place the headquarters for international trade in city (now city in present-day Kuanta), a border town.

Soltennan War

Qonklese Crisis - Present

Charter members, propelled by the Liosol First party and similar ultra-nationalist groups in the area, have grown leery of the South and its policies.


Order of the Crown

The Order of the Crown was established at the founding of the Charter and included the monarchs of Herdek, Liosol, and Aquihia. The main purpose for the Order was to promote national unity and provide defense in the event of war. During the years following the GEW, many nations in the Charter have opted to recognize only the first purpose of this branch of the organization and often avoid war at all costs.


The Cultural Preservation Society (CPS) is the Charter's crowning jewel. Established in 1832, it strives to provide an outlet for historically important cultural values and protect national sites, treasures, and individuals from being destroyed by outside influence.


The Economic Policy Association of the Charter (EPAC) is the only branch of the Charter that non-Soltennan states are allowed to participate in. The EPAC works to create ease of trade in Miraria and provide subsidies on special products key to certain nations.

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