Timagha Island

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Timagha Island
LocationSea of Alpa, Gulf of Timagha
Highest elevation187 m (614 ft)
DistrictSpecial District of Timagha
Capital cityTimagha
DemonymTimaghian, Timaghidian

Timagha Island (IPA: /'tɪmʌɣə/, Native language: Island, IPA: //), is an island belonging to the Kingdom of Herdek located in the Gulf of Timagha, Sea of Alpa. It is the fourth farthest island from the kingdom, with a minimum distance from the mainland of approximately 96 km. Despite the proximity to the region of Huzek, Timagha Island belongs to the region of Zêdek, but, due to its distance, it makes up a stand-alone district, together with the other islands of its archipelago. Timagha island is named after its most important city, Timagha.

The island was discovered by ancient populations from current Herdek, and was almost immediately settled by fishermen from all parts of the current kingdom. After a few centuries, the island had become a destination also for philosophers, writers, artists and scientists who wanted to leave the chaos of cities to fully immerse themselves in uncontaminated nature. In XX century, Herdekian government stated that the island was one of the best places of the kingdom to build an astronomic observatory, since it is far from any kind of light pollution. For this reason, in 1961, the first telescope of Timagha's Eye observatory was built. After that, many other telescopes were built and the island has become the main astronomic research place of the country.

In addition to astronomic facilities, Timagha Island has a couple of towns on it. The main one is Timagha.




The island has a mean elevation of 27 meters above the sea level. It reaches its highest point in [name]'s hill, at 187 meters above the sea level.




Timagha Island fauna is very diverse. It is made of several species of small rodents, such as mice and squirrels, as well as several species of insects and arachnids. Moreover, also seagulls populate the island, along with some species of sparrow.

The flora of the island is not very rich, as it is made mostly of moss, lichens and low conifers. Moreover, several plants of juniper can be found onto the island. Timagha is famous for being a good place for mushroom gathering. The island has lots of fungi on it, and most of them are edible and really appreciated by chefs all over Herdek.



The economy of the island is mostly based on fishing. Also agriculture is very influent. Timagha island's soil is very fertile, so crops can be grown easily. The main crops are potatoes and tubers. Moreover, ovines and caprines are bred on the island.

Another important activity for the island is mushroom gathering and fungiculture. Timagha's mushrooms are one of the most appreciated by Herdekian chefs and common people.

Also tourism, even if to a smaller extent, contributes to the economy of the island.



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