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Tomastarzokar(Old Harish: Dahmastarthaukar; Niplandish: Damstërtakër; Classical Niplandish: Damastartaakar) was the 18th and the last king of the Kingdom of Nipland, he was caught by the army of the Republic of Tzulkeyo in the battle of Lake Laivo on 1st April 852 CE, and was executed in the same day, his head was subsequently displayed to the public for three days. The death of Tomastarzokar signed the fall of the Kingdom of Nipland, the rise of the Harish people and the unification of the Hareland.

The meaning of his name is "80 rabbit". Tomastarzokar is a translated name in modern Harish, his real name in Old Niplandish was probably Damastartaakar(IPA: /dɑmɑstɑrtɑ:kɑr/).


According to the legend, Tomastarzokar was a very self-indulgent, hedonistic king, he created a pool full of wine and a forest full of meat to play with his harem and friends, and he did not care much about governing the country, which led to the downfall of the Kingdom of Nipland; however, the legend that Tomastarzokar was very self-indulgent so the Kingdom of Nipland got defeated and annexed is not supported by archaeological evidence, and the negative image of Tomastarzokar was probably created by Harish elites who eventually defeated Tomastarzokar, as throughout the history, it is very common for winners to vilify the losers, making the losers look much worse than they actually are.