Tzulkeyo Capital District

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The Deglis Capital district is a federal territory of Tzulhon containing the Tzulhon capital city of Deglis and and some surrounding townships. It is located in the east of the country and is an enclave within the state of Egeria. All important institutions of the Tzulhon federal government are centred in the territory.

While the majority of the population in the Deglis Capital District live in the city of Deglis and neighbouring towns, the city of Deglis is not a synonym to the Deglis Capital District. Besides the city of Deglis, which is located in the Capital District south-west area, the territory also includes townships such as Degrev, Deggimavad, Nospala, and the seaport Nomkala.

The Deglis Capital District is home to many important institutions of the federal government, national monuments and museums. This includes the Parliament of Tzulhon, the High Court of Tzulhon, the Tzulhon Defence Force Academy and the Tzulhon Civil War Memorial. It also hosts the majority of foreign embassies in Tzulhon as well as regional headquarters of many international organisations, not-for-profit groups, lobbying groups and professional associations. Several major universities also have campuses in the Deglis Capital District including the Tzulhon National University, the Egeria State University(Egeriac: Nodzari Zezem Eger), the Egeriac University(Egeriac: Nodzari Eger)and the Deglis Medical School.