U Pom Huh Tan

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U Pom Huh Tan is a traditional Hux Kham game in which players throw sticks or battens at a bust or an effigy depicting an old man.

It is unknown where the look and the name of the dummy is from, but people generally believe that the look of U Po is from a certain evil figure who once worked for the government in the past.

As some Hux Kham people emigrated to Baredina and built a country which is a predecessor of the Confederation of Ebo Nganagam, some Ebo Nganagam people also play this game, although the dummy used in the Ebo Nganagam version is different.

Besides U Pom Huh Tan, U Po has also been used as the target dummy in various kinds of games and shooting activities(like shooting training) in Hux Kham; also, there's a cuisine called "Fried U Po" among the Hux Kham people, which is a kind of deep frying dough made by frying U Po-shaped doughs, and it is known that many Hux Kham people also call various fried dough foods as "Fried U Po".

The word "U Po" is used to indicate someone who is so evil that everyone rebukes in the Hux Kham language.