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Ňafomnānal pom urlīnalnuň, Urňafomnānal
An ethnically Mahavic Urngafomnanal during the Otsuk War
Country Athsud
TypeIrregular Militia
RoleBehind front lines manual labor, garrison, and supply train guarding
Disbanded1890, following the 1890 Army Reforms

Ňafomnānal pom urlīnalnuň or simply Urňafomnānal (Urngafomnanal) "The People's Regiments" were militia troops raised in Athsud during extreme times of war. Traditionally made up of unskilled peasant volunteers. Established in 17XX during the Athsudan unification, they were crucial in King X's success unifying the Eastern portion of the peninsula, guarding supply lines and building defensive works. During the Juhash-Athsudan War they saw similar use, along with the duties of garrisoning enemy towns and forts, and sometimes serving as numbers on the front lines. The last time they saw extensive use was during the Otsuk War, where they were in charge of securing and defeating resistance in captured Otsuki territory. Due to the harshness of the Otsuk war, and public disapproval of war in general, Urngafomnanal Regiments slowly became smaller and were eventually phased out by 1890. While there have been militia units created since then, none have used the name Urngafomnanal.


Athsudan Unification

The first Urngafomnanal were raised in 17XX during the Athsudan Unification. Their first use was protecting the capital of Povrath from invading X forces, who had struck back after X's disasterous defeat at the Battle of X. During the Siege of Povrath, they were used both as manual labor for constructing additional defenses and for holding back enemy forlorn hope troops, their actions saved the capital from near destruction, and X was able to recuperate and win the war, and eventually unify Athsud. Throughout the unification, they guarded supply chains, constructed forts and siege works, and were also used as mass troops to overwhelm enemy forces. During this time, Urngafomnanal volunteer numbers were the highest out of all other periods, and to have an ancestor who fought with them during this time is considered extremely prestigious today. The final battle the Urngafomnanal participated in during the unification was the Landing at Kala island where the last resisting Athsudan noble was fortified. As many as X men died in the battle immediately following the landing, but it was praised as a glorious last push and glorified by writers such as X, and X. When the unification was over, all soldiers who fought with the X and X Urngafomnanal units were awarded X, a high military honor, which many Athsudan families still keep to this day.

Juhash-Athsudan War

During the early stages of the Juhash-Athsudan War, Urngafomnanal regiments were raised once again, as Athsud was pushed onto the backfoot. Their purpose in these early stages was to once again guard supply lines from frequent Juhash raids, and to be used as mass numbers on the most desperate parts of the offensive. X



List of Urngafomnanal regiments