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[extracted from the Media Releases section of the Wuyıda ni Orsili, one of Orsili's most prominent newspapers]

In Music

  • Aulane's Bride - A new live act has been turning heads at the Green-Glass Dragonfly in the Art District. Aulane's Bride, a trio from Adfa in northwestern Sanmra, have begun performing three nights a week with modern improvisations on traditional folk music of the remote region from which they hail. While the concept is hardly new, their pitch-perfect execution and charming crowd engagement during performances is captivating audiences. For tickets or upcoming performance schedules, contact the Green-Glass Dragonfly during daytime business hours.
  • White Temple - Moki's latest release, White Temple, delayed for over five years during Moki's very public divorce from Les ni Mıdo rıl Moner, remarriage to Irakel ni Awil rıl Atuke, divorce from Irakel, and remarriage to Les, should not surprise those expecting the unexpected from him. Much like Moki, the album thumbs its nose at traditionalists, even overtly mocking them in songs like "Sweet Kuulist". But neither can previous fans rest easily--he forgoes his earlier albums' slow-paced instrumentation in favor of aggressive Parshitan influences backed by choral accompaniment. The songs are well-constructed, to be sure, but it's difficult to say whether they're good. Expect strong opinions from all who listen.

At the Movie Theater

  • Bloodlines of Betrayal - A new minidoc on the Bloody New Year, by the same producers as last year's viral sensation Last Train to Saral. Sensationalist visuals accompany questionable historical accuracy, but the spectacle is engaging to watch nevertheless.
  • Modun ni Aka - Comedian Modun ni Aka rehashes old sets into a "new" release offering nothing that hasn't been seen before. The only truly new segment is full of weak speciesist humor that belongs two centuries ago--a transparent attempt to mimic the success of Na'ari ni Kel's last release, but oblivious to the pointed political satire that underlaid it. Skip this segment, if your theater allows for it.
  • Beyond Redemption - Main Feature - This import from Vosan has been screened to wild success, and with good reason. Though the plot is typical action movie fare, it is well-executed, with excellent practical effects and a surprisingly heartwarming romantic B-plot, for a humanmade film. Dubbing provided by local cast.
  • Twelve Minutes - Main Feature - A dark mystery set in an alternate Atsiq where the Great Atsiq Empire never fell apart. A compelling plot, splendid acting, and a truly shocking set of reveals makes it well worth a watch--if, perhaps, only once.

Home Videogames

  • Imperial Dynasty II - For a third week, Imperial Dynasty's long-awaited sequel dominates the sales charts. Like its predecessor, Imperial Dynasty II is a turn-based fantasy-themed country-building game in which the player follows the lineage of their nation's rulers through multiple eras of procedurally-generated history. Though the world is fictional, it draws from real-world mythologies for the various cultures the player can use or encounter. The gameplay is slow-paced and complex, but satisfying when mastered, with new mechanics, more cultures, and a much more in-depth ruler creation system that should please both old fans and new.