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War of Amaian Independence
Date1885 to 1888
LocationEastern Vaniua
Result Balak-Amaian victory, establishment of Amaia as an independent state
 Balak Empire
Amaian insurgents
 Zwazwan Empire
Casualties and losses
Military dead:
Civilian dead:
Total dead:
Military dead:
Civilian dead:
Total dead:

The War of Amaian Independence, sometimes known as the Second Balak-Zwazwan War, was a war fought in eastern Vaniua between 1885 and 1888 which involved X.

A ceasefire commenced in [date] 1888, with the following Peace of Geswi formally ending the conflict in [date] 1889, making official a partition between a Zarasaist Amaian state and a Pashaist Zwazwan state.


The first Balak-Zwazwan War, wherein the Zwazwan Empire was defeated, heralded a period of decline for the empire and a rise in Balak influence. In 1874, Balak emperor Jimâşim I made the Shozasan Proclamation, asserting the Balak Empire's rightful claim to the legacy of the Great Horde. With this, he inherited the title of Defender of the Faith in eastern Vaniua, and with this new authority declared his intent to protect the Zarasaist population of the Zwazwan Empire, issuing an official warning to the Zwazwan government to not make any attempt to infringe on the rights of Zarasaists. The Proclamation, coupled with this warning, invigorated disgruntled Zarasaists, who had lived under Pashaist rule for centuries(?). The Balak Empire, in turn, used the resulting tensions and its new responsibility as a crowbar to enforce an ever increasing amount of religious freedom in Zwazwamia.

As a result of these concessions, tensions continued to swell between the Pashaist population in the south and the Zarasaist population in the north and east, as two distinct national identities began to crystallise around this division - a distinct Zarasaist Amaian nation and a Pashaist Zwazwan nation. Amaian nationalists espoused a narrative of oppression under their Zwazwan overlords, as insurgent activity began to become increasingly prominent.

Course of the War

War breaks out

Hostilities first erupted in the northern town of Araky, as a pro-independence demonstration escalated into a bloody clash between the Zwazwan military and armed Amaian rebels. X. X. X.

Balak intervention

Revolts in Hamawan

Southern Offensive

Zwazwan defeat