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Yeinti (Kwang), officially called the Yeinti Special Administrative Region is a special autonomous region of Qonklaks.

Founded in 1774, Yeinti was originally a joint Terminian and Fordian enclave negotiated after a naval battle that resulted in a Qonklese defeat, and the 123 km2 zone was leased off to the two powers. Despite under the direct administration of foreign governments, the territory remained Qonklese in name and under Qonklese sovereignty. The territory was also promoted heavily by the Olboros administration as a tremendous benefit to Qonklese longterm economic prosperity. Although true to a certain extent, the zone did cause the Olboros administration many problems, mostly notably with the zone acting as a safe haven for anti-monarchist movements and other illegal activities.

By 1900, the Yeinti International Municipality became home to more than 10 foreign powers.