Zarasaist Brotherhood

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Zarasaist Brotherhood
Saqwûr bânhaz (Nashaghan)
Sakhwûr Bânhaz
Logo of the OIC
Coat of arms
Motto: "For the safeguard and unity of all Zarasaists"
Administrative centre (Headquarters)TBD
Official languages TBD
Type Religious
Membership 8 member states
 -  Secretary-General TBD
 -  Charter signed 25 January 1970 
 -  2018 estimate TBD
GDP (PPP) estimate
 -  Total TBD
 -  Per capita TBD
GDP (nominal) 2019 estimate
 -  Total TBD
 -  Per capita TBD
HDI (2018)Increase TBD
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The Zarasaist Brotherhood (Nashaghan: Saqwûr bânhaz; Sakhwûr Bânhaz) is an international organisation founded in 1970 with an initial integration of 4 members, currently with a collective population of ? as of 2019 with 8 members being Zarasaist majority countries. The main goal of the organisation is according to ISA (International Summit of Asavar) "to represent the collective voice of all Zarasaist and safeguard their well-being and principal interests while promoting harmony and peace within the Zarasaist worldwide community". The organisation is renown for maintaining a network of religious affairs and facilitating the needs of all Zarasaists.


The organisation began as an underground religious movement in response to the growth of imperialism and Kuulism within the Vaniuan region, the movement, which initially advocated for theocratic and pro-traditionalist values was heavily supported by the newly proclaimed Khabashan regime of Komania. Its rapid rise and growth aided to the development of armed militias which began operating within Komano-Shomosvani borders. The movement proceeded to the traffic of illegal armaments and products of religious value to the former state of Shomosvan where several attacks to Kuulist figures and officials were perpetrated. By 1970, the movement had attained a significant number of integrants, with the guidance of religious minister Fukhari Wazabaş, the movement was officialised as an organisation with the International Summit of Asavar.

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