Ástlem Yobátmás

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Ástlem Yobátmás
A 16th century painting of Ástlem
Grand Emperor of Ekuostia (diòakasudsiò)
Reign23 March 1173 – 4 June 1242
Coronation23 March 1173
Ekuost Palace, Palace City
PredecessorOffice established
SuccessorOtímsu I
King of Ekuostia
Reign10 July 1153 – 4 June 1242
PredecessorKusyet the Old
Born2 January 1151
Kingdom of Ekuostia
Died4 June 1242(1242-06-04) (aged 91)
near Aga Dighagot, Guskytemia
BurialEkuost Palace Catacombs, Palace City
Among others
ReligionOrthodox Iovism

Ástlem Yobátmás (Ekuostian: aòstlem yobaòtmaòs, IPA: /ɑ:sd̪lem jʌbɑ:d̪mɑ:s/) was the First Grand Emperor, or Yomtasud, of the Grand Ekuostian Empire. Under his rule, the GEE swiftly grew to its maximum extent within a matter of decades and many of his reforms and new laws stabilized the regions he conquered. Ástlem is notable for introducing the new "archlordship" system of government that the GEE used until its collapse, and that the modern country of Barradiwa uses today; this system of government worked as a sort of semi-feudal system in which each state (or "archlordship") was afforded a rather large degree of autonomy especially in language and culture, and were only expected to pay taxes to the emperor, offer their armies in times of conflict (further, states were not allowed to incite war on each other), and adopt and enforce Orthodox Iovism as their state's official religion.