Šeoró Žarvuž

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Šeoró Žarvuž
Supreme Ernujas of Czisilia
In office
November 5 1948 – November 11 1961
Preceded byAoler Paowghó
Succeeded byDómej Vazídh
Personal details
Born(1897-04-01)April 1, 1897
Eresa, Terminian Far East
Diedc. December 3, 1965(1965-12-03) (aged 68)
somewhere around Kolej, Republic of Kaisen and Czisilia

Šeoró Žarvuž (Czisilian: šèró žarvuž [ˈʃɘˌɾo: ˈʒɐɾvʉʒ]) was a Czisilian Ernujas and Politician who governed the country as Supreme Ernujas from 1948 until he resigned in 1961.

Early life

Political career

Political positions

Personal life

Exile and death

After resigning from his position as Supreme Ernujas in 1961, Žarvuž went into hiding for fear of being hunted down by the government. He was never truly seen alive ever again, despite many false alarms by the news. His remains were found by a farmer on February 23rd, 1967, buried in a field just outside of Kolej. Autopsy showed 12 gunshot wounds to the chest, presumably caused by 9mm rounds. The date of his death was estimated to be in March of 1965. It is still unknown who killed him.


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