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.mb is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Republic of the Mbamigi Islands. It is administered by the Mbamigi National Telecommunications and Information Administration since 1988. Registrants of the .mb domains must be Mbamigian residents, citizens, organizations or a foreign entity related directly with Mbamigi.

Domain registry

To register any domain on the .ng domain, there are a set of specific rules so that the domain is valid:

  • Minimum of 2 and maximum of 36 characters, not including the TLDs.
  • Valid characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, the hyphen.
  • Mbamigi language words should be written in Zege romanisation without diacritics or special characters.
  • Domains cannot contain only numbers.
  • There cannot be two same domains.

Second-level domains

  • .au.mb - primary, secondary and tertiary academic institutions and schools (from (from mbegu [Ngomani] b̃egu, [Zege] "league, organization") aɂudoino [ Ngomani ] 'a'udoino, [Zege] "school")
  • .iam.mb - Mbamigian military (from iaiemaze (Ngomani and Zege) "military")
  • .imi.mb - Individual Mbamigian islands (from ɂimi [Ngomani] 'imi, [Zege] "island")
  • .mbe.mb - general use (usually for non-profit organisations) (from mbegu [Ngomani] b̃egu, [Zege] "league, organization")
  • .nd.mb - used for cities (from d̃oone [Ngomani] ndoone, [Zege] "city")
  • .ne.mb - commercial (from d̃oŋe [Ngomani] ndonge, [Zege] "to buy")
  • .ngi.mb - general use (usually personal) (from ngi [Ngomani] ŋi, [Zege] "I, me")
  • .zomo.mb - national and provincial government (from iaiemaze (Ngomani and Zege) "military")