1942 Barradiwan Xiamangmu expedition

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The 1942 Barradiwan Mt. Xiamangmu expedition was the first known mountaineering expedition to successfully reach the summit of Xiamangmu, Sahar's highest mountain. It was funded primarily by the Barradiwan Emperor Domyobá Eíkatsá, in a publicity stunt intended to improve his poor approval ratings. It was successfully accomplished when Vargasian Fals Móit Falalüst and Barradiwan Eskumrád Enídbrád summited the mountain on Friday, 14 August 1942.


Leadership and preparations

Assault on the summit

Honours and aftermath

Expedition participants

Name Function Profession Age at time

of selection
(23 November 1941)

Fals Empire Móit Falalüst Expedition leader and mountaineer Former bank filing clerk, Survivalist/explorer 40
Veridia Armij Darč Geologist and mountaineer Geologist 27
Barradiwa Eskumrád Enídbrád Mountaineer Soldier 30
Juhashka Jos Goltaš Expedition doctor and mountaineer Physician 29
Barradiwa Tánbárá Nuyus Organizing secretary and mountaineer Statistician 34
Barradiwa Otímsu Sukutbán Mountaineer Soldier 25
Barradiwa Lukítsum Mánísut Mountaineer Soldier 30
Barradiwa Rálutnímb Borutsá Mountaineer Soldier 31
Barradiwa Ástlutáke Oskíre Mountaineer Physicist 29
Temay Phu Nón-Lhán Mountaineer and guide 35
Temay Qé Dhax-Xíe Mountaineer and guide 37