2017-2019 Fáknir civil war

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The 2017-2019 Fáknir civil war was a string of civil and military conflicts in the western Fals Empire that led to the eventual creation of the Fáknir Republic, and the subsequent annexation of the entire western Fals Empire areas by the Republic. The conflict started on 7 March 2017, was interrupted by a 9-month ceasefire from September 2017, continued in May 2018, and hostilities officially ended on 24 April 2019. All casualties combined, the civil war cost the lives of approximately half a million with more than a million reported injured, and internally displaced up to 5 million people. A treaty recognising the Republic and its government was signed between the Empire and the Republic on 29 September 2019. The split of the country knocked the Fals Empire down from its status as a regional power. The loss of the western half of the country was a severe blow for the Empire, as it lost access to direct trade with Yakormonyo and Yahara through loss of its Asuran ports, as well as its primary connection to the TBR through Pfahfá. Conversely, the Republic, whose constituents had previously been semi-reliant on Imperial subsidies and support were now forced to upkeep their own economies. Both countries have been in economic recession since the civil war, and the Republic is in the process of rebuilding cities and infrastructure. The political situation in the Empire has been chaotic since the split – with the central government less influential than before, a trend has emerged wherein member provinces are beginning to behave more autonomously despite Imperial legislature, and interacting more as equals with each other than as provinces of a central government.

Fáknir Civil War

2017-2019 Fáknir civil war
LocationFals Empire
 Fals Empire  Fáknir Republic

The Fáknir Civil War was an internal conflict of the Fals Empire that lasted from 2017 to 2018, and was the first of two conflicts that comprised the 2017-2019 Fáknir civil war. The civil war started when nationalist separatists of the Hufumedurw Faiarderw took control over Fáknirland's capital Bastaren and caused a string of popular revolts in the Fáknir inhabited regions of the Fals Empire, resulting in the formation of two large separatist states, a separatist Fáknirland under HF control and the Republic of Tiir. Conflicts during the civil war varied in intensity and peaked toward its end, and culminated in a ceasefire with the separatist entities in 2019 following a civilian massacre in Al-Atawdad. After the ceasfire, the HF was quickly defeated by government troops. The civil war was followed by the Western War almost immediately in the same year.