2019 Liosol ministerial election

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2019 Alotol national election
2015 ←
21 March 2019 → TBD

  D. Kunaso Pra Densok Goe Dsona
Party PKA Hansobel House of Roses
Popular vote 20,743,128 10,638,475 10,638,475
Percentage 47% 33.9% 33.9%

  Goe Jegan Eul Abnak Soe Medan
Party Liosol First Party Manist Party Three Banners Party
Popular vote 10,638,475 10,638,475 10,638,475
Percentage 33.9% 33.9% 33.9%

File:2019 Alotol national election.svg

Results by constituents
     D Kunaso      Pra Densok      Goe Dsona      Goe Jegan      Eul Abnak      Söe Medan

Prime Minister before election

Goe Jegan
Liosol First Party

Elected Prime Minister

D Kunaso
Alotol Kuulist Party

The 2019 Liosol ministerial election was the 36th Alotol ministerial election, held on Thursday, March 21st, 2019. The Kuulist ticket of Representative D Kunaso defeated five other candidates, including the ruling party's nominee Goe Jegan.


The 2019 National Election took place shortly after a vote of no confidence in the House of Status. Prime Minister Goe and the Ministry were removed from office resulting in a snap election. The vote came after months of insistence from Hansobel Chairman Pra Densok in response to Operation Badol. Chancellor of the House Eul Lana told the press that the vote and election were "necessary measures to ensure the integrity of Alotol democracy." This was the second time a vote of no confidence removed a ruling party from office.


General election campaign


Election night

Iebba Co reported late Thursday night that the Kuulist candidate had taken the lead and was expected to come out on top.


Post-election controversies

Assassination of elect


Soe Jani was the first to call out the suspicious results of the elections, claiming it was impossible that any Kuulist candidate could win the seat of Prime Minister. After a House investigation, her claims were proven true. Seventy-nine House Constituents were bribed by multiple sources to vote on behalf of the Alotol Kuulist Party. Only fifty-eight followed through.