Abdication of Jimashim II of Sonka

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The abdication of Jimashim II of Sonka was a series of events spanning 1963 and 1964, immediately following the dissolution of the Balak Empire and resulting independence of Sonka on 2 October 1963. Jimashim II had separately and simultaneously been Emperor of the Balak Empire and elected King of Sonka due to the Empire's special political arrangements with Sonka, maintaining the latter office post-Sonkhai independence. Having failed to reclaim the Balak heartland and restore the Empire, Jimashim developed mental health issues and wished to return to Kuulist-controlled Balakia to live the rest of his days in peace. With initial attempts to convince the Sonkhai Noble Assembly to remove him from power through a vote of no confidence being unsuccessful, Jimashim resorted to a number of unconventional means to resign from his post, as it was legally impossible for a king to unilaterally abdicate. The last and most infamous of these attempts was having a traditional religious officially declare his soul to be legally dead, thus disqualifying him from kingship under [insert archaic law here]. After a period of legal confusion among the nobility resulting from this attempt, the Noble Assembly relented and granted Jimashim's initial request, deposing him through a vote of no confidence in [date tbd] 1964. After a brief period of Jimashim's son Zôçey being elected to serve as a caretaker king - lasting less than a month - the Noble Assembly made constitutional amendments to allow for the voluntary abdication of a king. Zôçey subsequently resigned, with his second cousin Başlâm being elected as a new permanent king on [date tbd], styling himself as Sonkáá Basláám.


Initial attempts to abdicate

Vote of no confidence