Achiyitqan language

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Achiyitqan Dialect Continuum
Pronunciation [atʃijɪtqa]
Region North Miraria
Ethnicity Achiyitqan
Native speakers 10mil?  (no date)
Language family
Early forms:
Old Achiyitqan
  • Achiyitqan
Dialects Standard
Official status
Official language in Achiyitqana
CWS code acy


Achiyitqan is a dialect continuum and represents the most widely-spoken extant daughters of the pre-Mahavic Maakpauaean family. It is a polysynthetic language loosely inspired by Blackfoot and Inuktitut.



Bilabial Alveolar ~Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m m: n m: ŋ ŋ:
Plosive p p: t t: c /tʃ/ k k: q q: ɂ /ʔ/
Voiced b b: d d: g g:
Fricative s s: ɥ ɥ: /ʃ/ h h:
Liquid w w: l l: y y: /j/


Front Back
Close i i: í ií íi u u: ú uú úu
Mid e e: é eé ée o o: ó oó óo
Open a á ɑ: aá áa


Almost any combination of almost anything is allowed. Diphthongs, triphthongs, consonant clusters with mixed voicing and placement, syllabic/nucleic anything-but-stops. Etc.

/h/ assimilates in placement to surrounding stops, therefore surface forms are [ɸ s ʃ x χ] (with /h/ [s ʃ] merging with /s ʃ/).

/i e/ become [ɪ ɛ] in some positions.

/j w/ delete after other consonants (allowing for j: w:).


The language has a conscript, but it is not yet fontified so generally you will see romanizations.

The romanization is as per IPA except: /ʃ/ "ɥ" /tʃ/ "c" /j/ "y" /ʔ/ "ɂ"




Achiyitqan is polysynthetic and with some agglutinative and some fusional elements, so it has a rather robust morphology.

Nouns decline into four cases (NOM-ACC-GEN-OBL) in three animacies (AN-MOD-IN) and a three phonological classes (S-N-I). They can also take articles (definite and negative) and prepositions.

Verbs conjugate for negation, tense (rem.past, past, pres, imm.pres, future, rem.fut, gnomic), aspect (progressive, perfective, inchoate/inceptive, cessative) mood (declarative/imperative, interrogative, conditional, optative, admonitive, consequential, causative), little-v (plural non-suffixed subject agreement, passive, reciprocal, reflexive), and can take incorporated objects and suffixed subjects.

Verb Morphology


SOVI preferred but overall free word order. ADJ-N (prefixed). RELs are verbalized.