Acre (river)

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Native nameAiré (Riyan)
Other name(s)Egre (Kadic)
Agir (Lithian)
EtymologyAncient Riyan Agar
River systemAcre Basin
Main sourceKridan, Metni (Mount Metni)
1,822 m (5,978 ft)
River mouthCuama
0 m (0 ft)
CountriesKadya, Lugida, Riyana
CitiesCuama, Rogue, Sevmiela
Length1,058 km (657 mi)
Inland portsPort of Rogue

The Acre (Riyan: Airé /ɪˈrɛ/) is a major river in Soltenna, that flows through Kadya, Riyana and a small part of Lugida including capital cities Rogue and Cuama. At 1,058 kilometres (657 mi), the Acre is Soltenna's sixth longest river, although some sources consider its main tributary Kadya River part of the Acre, making it the region's third longest.

The Acre's large watershed spans a significant part of Kadya and forms a part of the Riyan Basin, site to two of world's oldest known civilizations – namely Wa Dynasty and First Dynasties of Acre – and several other, often significant kingdoms of primarily Riyan and Qonklese origin.




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