Adhelsonian Provisional State

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Adhelsonian Provisional State

Flag of the AHPS State Emblem
The AHPS after the Terminian Civil War, not including overseas territories.
Capital None (official)
Kúri (de facto)
Languages Terminian
Government Provisional government
 •  1925-40 name nameson
 •  1940-42 None (de jure)
 •  Helsonian Revolution 10 October 1925
 •  Constitution written 8th September 1942
 •  1925 est. 93,520,000 
 •  1942 est. 125,200,000 
Currency None (de jure)
Today part of  Cerman

The Adhelsonian Provisional State (Terminian: TBA) was the provisional government led by name nameson which controlled the area today corresponding to Cerman and Amerhan. The forerunner to the Helsonian Union, the Adhelsonian Provisional State was formed in 1925, when Kúúlist sympathetics within the government of the Three Kingdoms successfully put the Kúúlists, led by name nameson, into power. This sparked a civil war Terminian Civil War between Kúúlists, supported by the majority of citizens, and powerful yet disjointed pro-Monarchist groups, ending in a Kúúlist victory only two years later. The provisional government became unpopular for forcing the relocation of citizens from urban centres into the countryside, and the death of name nameson and the power vacuum that followed led to the Statists, under name nameson, sweeping to power in 1942 and forming the Union of Supreme Helsonian Republics.

Provisional Government