Administrative divisions of Liosol

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Liosol, political divisions

Political divisions (also referred to as administrative divisions) of the Liosol are the various recognized governing entities that together form the Sovereign Kingdom of Liosol. The first-level political (administrative) division of Liosol is a cale, of which there are thirty-eight. The federal cities of Belfan (more commonly known as Alotol City) and Lanothi are included in this category as well, but are not considered part of the cale grouping.

Territorial divisions

Territory Flag Capital Origin Etymology Population Area Map Abbreviation
Akves Bancre Region Te Alna Akves map.png AV
Banok Asa Balnok Maned Region BN
Alotol City
Belfan Setoel Man Mykn 17,395,831 BF
Free Hetanic State Reth An Gobn MHL-Thelym
Eul Republic Arana TBD RE
Kar Republic Kalban Upper Kada RK
Lanothi Lanothi Setoel Ln Lesn 12,212,048 LT
Man Kalo Setoel MK


Each state has a non-classified municipality which serves as its capital. The governor-general of the state manages this city.

Federal administrations and territories

Alotol City


Land and insular territories

Official government websites list the following as official territories of Liosol, although some may be disputed:


Liosol has missions and embassies in every country except Dhwer and Xhodiar due to reports of inhumane acts in the states and Liosol recently foreclosed its embassy in Gushlia due to territorial anomalies.