Adzamasi language

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Pronunciation [adza'mɑsi]
Created by severy
Ethnicity Adzamasiin
Native speakers 30 million  (no date)
Language family
Dialects Mehyārā
Writing system Adzamic
Official status
Official language in Tabiqa
CWS code ADZ

Adzamasi is the official language of Tabiqa and is spoken by over 30(?) million people, mostly in Ekuosia. It is a polysynthetic direct-inverse language based around a complex animacy hierarchy, and its primary verbal deixis is spatial rather than temporal. Its morphology and syntax were inspired by a variety of Canadian First Nations languages including Blackfoot and Coast Salish, and its phonology mostly by Turkish.

Adzamasi's ancestor language Proto-Adzamic is currently being developed, and Adzamasi itself will undergo some changes in light of this.



Labial Dental Alveolar Postalv. Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m n ń ŋ
Plosive b p d t j c g [k]
Ejective ċ k
Fricative f v ŧ đ s z š ž ś ź x r h
Approximant l j w


Front Front Round Back
Close ī ÿ u
Near-close i ü
Close-mid ē o
Open-mid e ö o
Open a ā


Vowel harmony (back vs front-round, triggered by front-round or front-plain). (C)V(V/C)(C) is the maximal syllable.


The romanization is per IPA or as deducible by the above tables, except: g /k/, o /ʌ/, ā /ɑ/


A direct-inverse animacy-hierarchy language. Proximity is the primary deixis and tense is adverbial.


Nouns indicate their animacy and number. Verbs indicate proximity, mood, person.


Word order is based on the animacy hierarchy; typically this means SOV order, but direct-inverse markers on the verb can change this.