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RegionTabiqa, Barradiwa
Branched fromQuurožarq
Members23.6 million
Other name(s)Adzamism

Temyarq (Adzamasi /tɛmjaʁq/), sometimes also called Adzamism, is the main and state religion of Tabiqa and enjoys some practice throughout the former Adzamasi Empire and emigrants of the area. It is considered a denomination of Thazayin, one of the Qurosist religions. Even moreso than other Thazayin denominations, Temyarq recognizes the five major Qurosist gods, but principally worships Il-Temi (the Four) to the partial neglect of the original and creator god, Quuros.

Temyarq has its own distinctive religious and cultural practices and holds slightly different beliefs from other sects. It maintains a greater reliance on the historically important dream interpretation than other denominations do. Due to its historical and modern location mainly within the Ekuosian desert, the depicted forms of the gods more greatly resemble those of desert animals.