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The Akalist calendar is the primary calendar used in Aquihia and Liosol. Its point of origin is the supposed date of birth of the prophet Ebthana, making the current year 1356. It is a solar calendar with 365 days in each year apart from leap years, in which there are 366 days. Each year consists of six months or "seasons" all split into 61, except the first month. Every 4 years, a 61st day is added to the 1st month, Pỏso.


Meta Name Gregorian Equivalent Number of Days Aquihian Cheungdal Hetanic Malaci
Pỏso April 15 - June 14 60 Poeso
Nava June 9 - August 9 61 Nava Nahas
Hebieỏn August 10 - October 10 61 Hebiuen
Iani October 11 - December 11 61 Euiani
Hemthi December 12 - February 11 61 Hemti
Fanả February 12 - April 14 61 Fna Fanas

Days of the Week

Number Meta Name Aquihian Cheungdal Hetanic Malaci Name Meaning
1 kondreldie kodrelje contraction of kondra aldeia, “elder day”
2 idialda edadla contraction of ideya aldeia, “earth day”
3 ayimald himolt contraction of ayimio aldeia, “home day”
4 eidlie edly contraction of eyidea aldeia, “wind day”
5 kalodie kluje contraction of kalei aldeia, “sun day”
6 kialdie kialthi kalje kaldse contraction of kihi aldeia, “moon day”
(7)* sayoldie siold contraction of saya aldeia, "holy day"

A seventh day is added as the sixty-first day of every month, except for Pỏso. This day is used typically for religious holidays.