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ALPA Locator Map.png
Area3,168,000 km2 (1,223,000 sq mi)
Population32,938,860 (2016)
Pop. density10.4/km2 (27/sq mi)
Countries4 (list of countries)
LanguagesLegim, Tirina, Tsabi, Dina, Jahci
Time zonesSCT-5 to SCT-9
Internet TLD.alp
Largest citiesElten

Alpa is one of the smaller continents on Sahar, located in the Western Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere. It is bordered to the east by the Sea of Alpa and to the west by the Jaxukuk Sea. To the south lies the Asura Ocean. Alpa is located west of Miraria, north of Nagu and east of Atsiq. It includes three sovereign states (Nordjaelm, Sanmra, Tsaba, and Dina) and a dependency of Dhwer (Thkelpenhurn).

Alpa covers an area of 3,168,000 square kilometers (1,223,000 sq mi), about 2% of Sahar's total land area and about 0.65% of Sahar's total surface. It is the smallest continent by area, seconded by Atsiq. Alpa's population is estimated to be approximately 25 million. Nordjaelm is by far the most populous Alpic country, making up about two thirds of the continent's total population, followed by Tsaba and Sanmra. The continent has a significant Dalar population, mostly located within Sanmra, but with minority groups in Nordjaelm.

Most of the population lives in the south of the continent. The land north of the Davazog mountains is very sparsely populated. The Davazog range runs though Alpa from the south to the north-west and separates the continent into the cold, dry climate to the west and the wetter regions to the east. The area to the south of the mountains is generally warmer. The sources of Alpa's largest rivers are found in the Davazog range, including the River Ṡotra which flows though Nordjaelm and the Seodin River which flows into Lake Tenkal. Most of the continent has a subarctic climate.