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East Vaniua, West Parshita
Linguistic classification:One of Sahar's primary language families
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The Amaian languages are a medium-sized family of ten languages in South Miraria. Together they are spoken by around 35 million people. Their ancestor was a partly-written language spoken about 2000 years ago in what is now western Zwazwamia.

Some common feature are: whistled sibilants, extremely head-final, relatively small phonemic inventories, evidentiality on verb, small case systems, voicing as a parameter.

Many of the constituent languages are mutually intelligible, and some constituent dialects are unintelligible, as a result of complex ethnic dynamics in the region. Amaian languages have official status in Amaia, Zwazwamia, Melqui, and Kaatkukia, and are also spoken to some extent in Balakia.


Amaian-Zwazwan and Wamenan are usually considered the most conservative members along with some of the Ziimen languages, a paraphyletic ethnically-defined group.

Jundi and Melquian are highly divergent phonologically, grammatically, and lexically.

Language Technical Classification Number of native speakers Location
Amaian-Zwazwan language Macro-Amaian 25,000,000 Amaia, Zwazwamia
Melquian language Melquian 8,000,000 Melqui
Wamenan language Wamenan Kaatkukia
Jundi language Jundi 400,000 Melqui (Northeast)
[[]] Balaki Amaian 20,000 Balakia
[[]] Balaki Amaian 10,000 Balakia
[[]] Macro-Amaian 2,500 Balakia, Amaia (Gynnyn)
[[]] Macro-Amaian 5 Amaia (Gynnyn)

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