Amiyant Sea

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Amiyant Sea
Amiyant Sea.png
Map of the Amiyant Sea.
LocationŠarkunen, Miraria

The Amiyant Sea (Laefêvëši: Template:Laefevian Árkaltaili sóar, Nithalos: marepo Marepo Sea, Xynder: Jïroṣi Jyrosti) is a body of water in Western Miraria, separating the Šarkunen Peninsula from the rest of the continent. The countries with coasts on the Amiyant are Laefevia, Nithalosia and Xynderland. The islands of Seret (Nithalosia) and Xynderland form the southern edge of the sea, where it is connected to the Paršita Sea through three straits: the Zagna Strait (between Nithalosia's mainland and Seret), the Netherstream Strait (between Seret and Xynderland), and the Laggat Strait (between Xynderland and Laefevia).