Anapan-Yachiroese War

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Anapan-Yachiroese War
"o y"u'nune'pa iy`ari y"uy`acharo char`u
Siege of Ngusoyi.png
The Battle of Ŋusoyì, as depicted by a Yachiroese painting
Location Yachiro
Result Anapan victory, Anapa gains control of various Yachiroese ports, end of Yachiroese isolation
Kingdom of Anapa  Kingdom of Yachiro
X ~15000 Men
Casualties and losses

The Anapan-Yachiroese War (Yachiroese: Ô Yûnúnepá iyàri Yûyàcharo Charù) was a war between the Kingdom of Anapa, located in modern day  Letzia, and the Kingdom of Yachiro, located in modern day  Yachiro. The war was started over Lestzi desires for Yachiroese ports, and prospects of expansion into Qonklese territory.

Yachiroese isolation and leadup

Sêsmú chî

Yachiro had become isolated in X, locking itself from the outside world. Any foreigner who stepped on Yachiro's shores would be put to death, with an exception made for Qonklese Government Officials, and later trade ships from Qonklaks. This period of Yachiroese history is known as the Sêsmú chî ("Years of peace"), in which a series of kings ruled over the Kingdom of Yachiro in relative tranquility. This period of tranquility and stability however, would not last long. With the turn to the 18th century, Ekuosian powers such as the Terminian Empire seeking dominance in Soltenna. This lead Yachiro to become even more vigilant in its isolation, even firing warning shots at foreign traders.

Ŋusoyì incident

In 1782, a Lestzi trade ship was travelling to X when it was blown of course and approached the southernly Yachiroese fortress around the city of Ŋusoyì. The fortress fired its defensive guns at the ship, landing a few hits and damaging the masts. Later some Yachiroese warships approached the vessel and boarded it, taking prisoner everyone who was on board. The crew of X men were beheaded in public and buried in unmarked graves near a hill north of the fortress. X

Course of the war

The Yachiroese Government strongly underestimated their opponent's technological advancement and military might, as the Ŋuyachà believed that the invasion force would be stopped within an hour of landing. They were wrong, and at the Battle of Ŋusoyì, the Yadhiroese forces were crushed by superior Ekuosian arms. The army then lay siege to the city, which held out for a week before being forced to retreat under cover of dark. The initial defeat was humiliating for the Yachiroese Government, and it showcased the technological backwardness that the isolation had caused. X

Treaty of Apinzy

The Treaty of Apinzy (Apínsûtmú Chîyexùchíŋ) formally ended the Anapan-Yachiroese War, and was signed by delegates from both nations. The treaty brought Yachiro out from isolation, opening the country for traders and allowing foreigners to stay and live in Yachiro. As well as this, it also ceded control of several port cities in the southern and western coast of Yachiro to Anapa. The treaty humiliated the Yachiroese people and their government's inability to deal with outsiders encroaching on Yachiro's territory. The ports of X would remain in Lestzi hands until the end of the Great Ekuosian War, when foreign pressure forced Letzia to return the cities.