Aler Pamnak

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The Most Enlightening
Aler Pamnak
aler pamnak
Supreme Ernujas of Czisilia
In office
January 9 1940 – November 5 1948
Preceded byposition established
Succeeded byShëro Khasuk
Personal details
Born(1876-06-25)June 25, 1876
Iwkhet, Terminian Far East
DiedNovember 5, 1948(1948-11-05) (aged 72)
Eresa, Czisilia

Aler "Ipzi" Pamnak (Czisilian: aler ipzi pamnak [ˈɑ.leɾ ˈɪp̚.zɪ ˈpɑm.nɐk̚]) was a Czisilian ernujas, politician and revolutionary who served as the first Supreme Ernujas of Czisilia from 1942 until his death. He was a key figure in the Pashaist Revolts in Milevia from 1940 onwards, and is regarded by Czisilians as the father of the Czisilian nation.

He was assassinated in 1948 by a Czisilian Balkist in the employ of the Farmoshi secret services.

Early life

Pamnak was born in Iwkhet in 1876 to a Terminian mother and an unemployed labourer. Although he grew up in poverty, Pamnak was sponsored by the local juvid to attend the University of Eresa where he completed a degree in Pashaist theology.

Religious career

Political positions

Personal life

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